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Hyperlocal weather with funny GIFs.


GIFnWeather is the only weather app providing forecasts for a specific address, or a specific place by name (ex: Stanford University, Fenway Park, etc.).

Current weather apps only provide forecast at city/region level, while we are going one level deeper, i.e. at address level or exact place by name (building/pack/restaurant/etc). We know that in big cities it could rain at one place and be sunny at another place. With other weather apps, you will only know that it rains or it’s sunny at the city level, hence this info is right at one place and would be wrong at other places within that city.

With GIFnWeather, you can enter an address or place name instead of a city and you will know if it will rain in your garden for the reception you are preparing, you will know if it will rain at the park where your kid will play her/his baseball game tonight, you can check the forecast for a specific restaurant terrace before booking, by entering the restaurant name in the search place. There is no other app that provides this unique precise weather forecast per address or place name.


Additionally, most other weather apps simply provide common “boring” numbers with, at most, some nice images/graphics, minimalist design, and most likely none will make you laugh while you look at their weather forecast. With GIFnWeather you will get a funny GIF animated at each access, hence at some point, you will certainly see a GIF that will make you laugh while you check your weather forecast, and that also make our weather experience unique.

No other app has this


Only showing current weather, min, max and a funny GIF from GIPHY


The expand arrow show forecast details: humidity %, precipitation % and quanity, wind speed, 48h of temperature with color indicating min and max, temperature forecast for the next 7 days, including max precipitation and its peek time.


Hyperlocal weather means down to the exact longitude and latitude of any places. 'Where I am' follow you to give you weather for the exact place where you are standing. You can add any kind of places, parc, restaurent, school, city, specific address.


Different forecast view with Timeline. Toggle between light or dark theme, felt temperature vs mesure temperature, imperial vs metric, fahrenheit vs celsius, am/pm vs 24h, support 9 languages.


The timeline mode gives you a different view on your weather forcast.


You will get a new GIPHY Gif everytime you access the app, but you can also pull to refresh to get a new one.


Support 9 different languages.

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